Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

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No contraceptive is perfect, but can you trust apps to stop pregnancy?

ср, 2018-08-15 20:00
Birth control app Natural Cycles has come under fire for unwanted pregnancies, but this just reveals how little we understand contraception
Категории: Science and society

Extreme tales from a record-breaking dive in the Antarctic

ср, 2018-08-15 19:30
Jon Copley dived deep for Blue Planet II. He reveals the risks of falling rocks, leaks and fires inside the sub, and highlights the extraordinary "death star"
Категории: Science and society

Some clouds are formed when a virus makes algae shed their shells

ср, 2018-08-15 18:00
When algae in the ocean get a virus, they shed their exoskeleton and those chalky bits can get flung into the air and trigger the formation of clouds
Категории: Science and society

Doctors will grow human tissue on the International Space Station

ср, 2018-08-15 16:54
Liver tissue and muscle fibre are going to be grown on the ISS, to see if we can one day grow human organs in space
Категории: Science and society

This one particle could solve five mega-mysteries of physics

ср, 2018-08-15 14:00
Forget the Higgs: theorists have uncovered a missing link that explains dark matter, what happened in the big bang and more. Now they’re racing to find it
Категории: Science and society

Weird circles in the sky may be signs of a universe before ours

ср, 2018-08-15 10:00
A theory suggesting that the universe is constantly reborn could be proved right by ‘Hawking points’ – signs of evaporated black holes from a time before the big bang
Категории: Science and society

Why taking ayahuasca is like having a near-death experience

ср, 2018-08-15 06:00
A psychedelic drug produces effects similar to near-death experiences. The finding suggests changes to brain activity may explain such paranormal phenomena
Категории: Science and society

Sterile fish could help wild salmon dodge the ‘gene pollution’ effect

ср, 2018-08-15 02:01
Farmed Atlantic salmon make the local wild salmon population weaker. Making them sterile could work – but there’s a catch
Категории: Science and society

Sticking brain cells together with glue could boost and protect memory

вт, 2018-08-14 19:43
Can a chemical that reinforces the connections in our brains prevent the destruction of memories in ageing and Alzheimer’s? It seems to work in mice
Категории: Science and society

We have finally figured out how to snap spaghetti into two pieces

вт, 2018-08-14 18:42
Snap a piece of dry spaghetti and you will always end up with three or more pieces - but now mathematicians have figured out how to get a single clean break
Категории: Science and society

Why forecasting how hot it will be in 2022 is mostly a gimmick

вт, 2018-08-14 18:00
It will never be possible to forecast weather years ahead, but we can predict the average global temperature four years from now. Trouble is, that’s not that useful
Категории: Science and society

US police testing AI that learns to spot crimes in CCTV footage

вт, 2018-08-14 17:30
Police in Orlando have been testing a system that automatically scans CCTV looking for potentially illicit activity – with some success
Категории: Science and society

There is no evidence that the weedkiller glyphosate causes cancer

вт, 2018-08-14 17:30
Agrichemical firm Monsanto has been ordered to pay $289 million to a man who says its products caused his cancer – but scientific evidence for links to cancer is lacking
Категории: Science and society

Google tracks your location even if you switch off location tracking

вт, 2018-08-14 16:23
Google records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to, an investigation by the Associated Press has found
Категории: Science and society

New Scientist Live: the sophisticated home life of Neanderthals

вт, 2018-08-14 16:10
We once thought Neanderthals were less advanced than humans, but Matt Pope will argue at New Scientist Live that Neanderthal families lived rich domestic lives
Категории: Science and society

DeepMind’s AI can spot eye disease just as well as top doctors

вт, 2018-08-14 15:33
DeepMind's system trains on eye scan data taken from thousands of NHS patients and determines which should be seen sooner
Категории: Science and society

Why allergies aren’t nuts at all

вт, 2018-08-14 11:00
Faced with airline peanut bans, it’s easy to dismiss allergies as imaginary modern maladies. They’re not – and we need to understand why they’re on the up
Категории: Science and society

Google just made it much harder to build a serious quantum computer

вт, 2018-08-14 10:00
To reach quantum supremacy, a quantum computer has to do a task no ordinary computer can. Google has made that harder with an algorithm that beefs up regular PCs
Категории: Science and society

Master mimic insect is indistinguishable from a leaf on forest floor

вт, 2018-08-14 09:00
Panama's Cocobolo Nature Reserve is a crucial pit stop for migratory species and holds a huge array of wildlife, including this master of disguise: a leaf-mimic katydid
Категории: Science and society

Ancient natural nuclear reactors show how to store radioactive waste

пн, 2018-08-13 22:00
Billions of years ago, uranium in the Earth’s crust underwent nuclear reactions on its own, and the remnants demonstrate a way to keep nuclear waste under control
Категории: Science and society