QuickGO: a web-based tool for Gene Ontology searching

QuickGO: a web-based tool for Gene Ontology searching - Summary: QuickGO is a web-based tool that allows easy browsing of the Gene Ontology (GO) and all associated electronic and manual GO annotations provided by the GO Consortium annotation groups QuickGO has been a popular GO browser for many years, but after a recent redevelopment it is now able to offer a greater range of facilities including bulk downloads of GO annotation data which can be extensively filtered by a range of different parameters and GO slim set generation.
Availability and Implementation: QuickGO has implemented in JavaScript, Ajax and HTML, with all major browsers supported. It can be queried online at http://www.ebi.ac.uk/QuickGO. The software for QuickGO is freely available under the Apache 2 licence and can be downloaded from http://www.ebi.ac.uk/QuickGO/installation.html