Conservation filter

COTRASIF: conservation filter

To use orthology filter, follow this procedure:

  1. for the genome and matrix of interest (e.g. Rat and ISRE), conduct TFBS search
  2. for the reference organism and a reference matrix (e.g. Mouse and the same ISRE), conduct another TFBS search, using the same email as for the first search
  3. start orthofilter (you are already here now), and input the email address you used for the search tasks in steps 1 and 2
  4. on the next page, you will be provided with two lists of your finished tasks - 1st list, and 2nd list. Please select the task of interest (e.g. Rat ISRE) in the 1st list, and reference task - in the 2nd list. The order is important! Then just press the "Filter by orthology" button to immediately see the results.

Enter your e-mail

E-mail is used to find your finished tasks you wish to filter by orthology.

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