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COTRASIF is free for non-commercial use by individuals. For commercial use, please send your enquiries.

COTRASIF is presented on the AS-IS basis. No liability can be assumed by the authors of COTRASIF for any damage inflicted by the use or misuse of COTRASIF. However, every effort was made to ensure that COTRASIF is bug-free and does not present any threat of damage.

Starting with version 0.17, COTRASIF allows easy selection of both JASPAR and TRANSFAC 7.0 Public matrices. For TRANSFAC, the following license conditions apply:

Neither the redistribution of TRANSFAC (R) files to third parties nor the distribution of parts of TRANSFAC files or derivative products to any third parties is allowed without express permission. Also, any modification of the TRANSFAC flat files and HTML resources strictly depends on written permission by the authors.

License conditions are subject to change with the post-factum notice via this web-site.

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