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Input known TFBS sequences (one per line).
Sequences are allowed to contain only A, T, G, C symbols (no N's).
Sequences must have the same length and be aligned.


this is not the place to paste promoter sequences!

Example already in the box: 8 experimentally identified ISREs (ISGF-3 TFBS).

If you only have a few sequences, which give you too many false-positives, you can complement these sequences with a PFM of the binding site you are looking for. If you do so, the algorithm will use neighbour nucleotides data from your sequences, and positional frequency data from the supplied PFM.
Note: if you do supply the PFM, then the length of sequences must be equal to the number of columns in the matrix supplied.

This field is optional.

Input position frequency matrix manually/copy-paste, or select one:
  (TRANSFAC, info?

Specify similarity cut-off:
(if left equal to 0, will be automatically estimated)

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